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Soft Sided Portable Cat Carrier with Locking Safety Zippers and Foldable Bowl

Target Audience:Cat, Dog
Material:Polyester+Leather+ Metal
Feature:Comfort,For traveling,Sturdiness
Size:17.3″L x 9.5″W x 12.2″H,M (17 x 13 x 12 inches),L (18 x 12.5 x 14inches)
Color:Black,Blue,Dark Gray,Light Gray,Light Purple,Purple
Transportation: Ship from U.S. it take about 7-15 days to reach your address.
Sale price: The price includes all expense and tax. The above price is the shipping fee corresponding to the US shipment, and other places should find customer service consultation.

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The Cat Carrier – Your Pet’s Perfect Travel Companion.Bestpetsupplier is proud to present our innovative Cat Carrier, the ultimate solution for pet owners who want to travel with their furry friends in style and comfort. With its practical features and portable design, this carrier is sure to impress both pets and owners alike.

Soft Sided Portable Cat Carrier
【PRACTICAL AND PORTABLE】The size of this cat carrier is: 17.3*12.2*13.4 inch, Recommend for pets up to 15lbs ( Please measure the size and weight of your pet before purchasing this product). It comes with a folding blue bowl as a gift comes in and a soft cushion. With this lightweight bag, you can take your pet anywhere, and let your pet and your pet have a wonderful and happy trip.

【GREAT DESIGN】This portable dog carrier is made of durable grade polyester. It can be kept in good shape with a support board. Meanwhile, it has a breathable mesh on all three sides to ensure normal circulation of air inside the box. There is a small pocket on the outside of the bag to store things.

【SIMPLE CLEANING】Grey pet carrier – more fashionable, not easy to get dirty. You can clean the stains and dirt from the surface with a soft brush. The soft cushion inside the bag is removable and can be washed by hand or machine! It allows you to easily solve all stains without worries.

【WIDE USE】You can use it as a tote bag or shoulder bags with adjustable strap. The carrying handles with a pad can be glued for a comfortable hand feeling. Perfect for transportation by car, train, plane, etc. In addition to serving for pets, you can also use it to load other items such as clothes, shoes, etc.

【BREATHABLE AND SAFE】 The breathable and ventilated design allows pets to observe the surrounding environment well, which can effectively reduce pets’ anxiety and make them more comfortable during travel. No matter when or where you use it, it gives your pet good protection.

In conclusion, the Cat Carrier from Bestpetsupplier offers practicality, portability, and exceptional design. It’s time to embark on new adventures with your pet and create cherished memories together. Purchase our Cat Carrier today and give your pet the comfort and security they deserve.


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