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Electrical Plastic Cat Maze Box Toy

Item Code:W113472833
Main Material:Plastic
Transportation:It take about 3-7 days to reach your address.
Length (in.):8.86
Width (in.):8.86
Height (in.):2.36

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This product allows all age groups of indoor cats to play. It is with Plush Tail & Ball Contains. The toy will automatically switch off after 15 minutes play, owner should watch out the total time of playing in one day, to avoid pets with playing exhausted and get tired of the toy.

[RANDOM ROTATION PLUSH STRIP] This maze box toy is designed as a toy for indoor cats. The toy has a hexagonal shape, with 12 holes, a fluffy tail fixed in the box which rotate different sides randomly. It is practical in effect to attract cats at a suitable speed and to increase the interaction of cats.

[BELLS BALL] This interactive toy comes with an extra multifunctional ball which contains bells. The ball can be played inside the maze box toy or separately. The bells inside the ball could continually attract cats.
[SUPER QUIET DESIGN] This toy is noise controlled well which could allowed the family members live as usual while cats playing the toy. Pets and people able to share the same space and enjoy a cozy time.
[AUTO-OFF TIMER] The interactive maze box is specially designed for indoor cats, to help owner accompanying kittens. The toy is featuring a 15-minute auto shut off timer to save power and to prevent cats from being over participated or exhausted.
[SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIAL] This cat toy is made of environment-friendly ABS materials. ABS material is safe and durable, it can protect the health of both human and animals. Also, the toy comes with non-slip rubber pads on its bottom to prevent it from moving when cats playing.Electrical-Plastic-Cat-Maze-Box-Toy


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