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What’s wrong with your dog’s shaking?Don’t be careless.

First of all, we have to determine why the dog shivering, many friends may be because the dog shivering in winter, and feel that a variety of diseases. Feeling that the nutrition is not enough too thin to feed the dog a lot of nutritious food without moderation, but will lead to the dog’s own height development is seriously affected. Usually in the process of feeding as long as to ensure that the dog’s nutrition is more balanced, because in many cases the dog must be fed for a long time through the scientific modulation to ensure the nutritional value.

If the dog shivers regularly in winter, it may be due to the weather, and if it is because of the weather you don’t have to worry about it. This is because even human beings are known to shake a little to fight the cold. In most cases, if the weather is very cold and the hair on the dog is thin, then shivering does occur.

If the dog has been beaten by some stranger or bullied by some one, it may also develop a panic shiver. Then at this point of time we must look to see if the dog appears to be injured. It is important to carefully check the different parts to see if there is any injury, if it is injured it should be bandaged immediately otherwise there may be viral infections.

A lack of calcium in the dog may also lead to convulsions. This is because the dog may tremble all over the body once there is a problem of calcium deficiency. In many cases, dogs like to chew bones because of this reason. So in the usual feeding process, must pay attention to the balanced diet, of course, for the dog calcium deficiency can be through the calcium tablets to supplement the calcium content. Sprinkle a layer of powdered calcium tablets in the appropriate food to ensure that the pet’s diet is balanced.



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