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What should I do if my cat loses a lot of hair?

The reason why many people like cats, in fact, is that they like the feel of the cat touch, under normal circumstances, as long as the cat does not suffer from skin disease, it will not seriously lose hair, we touch the feel will not be affected, but when the cat is in a state of serious hair loss, the cat hair will be spread all over the corners of the home, if we go to touch the cat, it is likely that it will be stained with a handful of hair, which is a lot of shoveling officer are This is something that many pooper scoopers can’t stand, so how to solve the problem of cat hair loss? You may want to try the following methods!

First, be diligent when combing the cat’s hair. Although the cat is a very clean animal, they can clean themselves very clean, but they are just animals, still need our care, and in order to let the cat hair problem is properly solved, we need to be a little more diligent in the care of the cat, if we give the cat every day to comb the hair, then the cat hair problem will be solved.

Secondly, we should start from the diet to improve the hair loss problem. In fact, the reason why the cat will have a serious hair loss problem, and the diet is not reasonable has a lot to do with, if we give the cat too much food to eat a single word, then the cat will be malnutrition, once the cat’s body lacks nutrients, then it is hair loss will become more and more serious, so we must pay attention to meat and vegetables, nutritious, and at the same time, less to the cat to eat salt.

Third, pay attention to the number of times you bathe your cat. Many pooper scoopers feel that since they have a cat, they have to be responsible for the cat, so when taking care of the cat is particularly fine, but also pay special attention to hygiene, once the cat is found to be dirty a little bit of the cat will not be able to resist bathing the cat, but frequent bathing of cats can easily lead to serious cat hair loss Oh, so we must change the bad habits of raising cats, so that we can prevent the problem of cat hair loss continues to aggravate.


To solve the problem of cat hair loss is time-consuming, so we should not be anxious to see the results, we must observe more, if the effect is not obvious after a period of time, we had better consult a veterinarian.



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