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What does a budgie eat?

Budgies are very affectionate, they are witty and cute, good health, and hardly ever get sick. And easy to raise, the price is not too high, the form of small, many inexperienced people will choose to keep budgies. They have colorful fur and many varieties, and with a little training, they can interact well with their owners.

What do budgies eat? Budgerigar chicks: After the budgies come out of their shells, the mother loves to give her chicks green vegetables. Put some greens in the bird box at 10am and 3pm every day to ensure that the young birds are getting their staple food.

The feed of small parrots should be a variety of feed reasonably collocation, so as to ensure their healthy growth: egg rice, 1 kg of millet plus 4 egg yolks stirred, dosage generally accounted for 40% of the total feeding; rice with rice husk is preferred, rice seed coat small parrots are very like to eat, can be supplemented with starch, protein, microelements and a variety of vitamins and increase the beak’s chewing ability. The dosage is generally 30% of the total feeding; grain is generally 10% to 15% of the total feeding; melon seeds: melon seeds are snacks, feed 10 to 20 grains a day can be, pay attention to the oil small, otherwise the budgies will be diluted; the remaining proportion can choose hemp seeds or barnyard seeds to feed.

What do budgies eat? Breeding budgies, parrots in the breeding stage need more nutrition, such as calcium supplements. Calcium supplements for budgies are primarily taken during their estrous period. If calcium is not supplemented at this time, it will cause the bird to lay fewer eggs, as well as the fact that it will be more harmful to the bird’s body. In the stores that sell birds there are specialized in selling a kind of thing called cuttlebone, this kind of thing is actually cuttlefish bone, specialized in calcium supplement for birds.

Diet, you can use cooked egg yolks with shelled grain in a pot to steam to feed, which can increase nutrition for breeding parrots, but do not give it too much to avoid indigestion. Give a little more vegetables and fruits to replenish all kinds of vitamins.

And parrots eat sand and soil, parrots eat sand and soil in the same way as chickens eat stones, it is to help digestion. During the incubation of the eggs or just after the chicks have hatched, give them very, very fine sand, and a very small amount will do. Some male budgies are so energetic and active that they may break their eggs by going in and out of the nesting box, in which case they should be separated from the eggs.

What do budgies eat? Adult budgies: budgies like to eat cabbage, greens, and generally choose grain as their staple food, and it is best to mix grain with shells with grain without shells when feeding. Grain with shells can grind the parrot’s beak and prevent it from getting longer, but be careful to blow away the eaten husks in time. Adult budgies can actually eat a lot of cereal, millet or fruit.

If you are more concerned about nutrition, you can mix the feeds in proportions and feed them together. The ratio of feed mix is: corn or millet 7 parts, tares 2 parts, 1 part of the suet. This mixture of pellets, suitable for feeding a variety of small parrots, in addition to feeding mineral feed, such as cuttlefish bones, shells and so on.



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