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What do cats do when they are home alone

Those of you who own cats may find that when you come home from a day out and want to have a close encounter with your cat, chances are they will simply ignore you or simply turn away. So many owners will have this question, they are at home all day will not be bored? Why is it that when the owner wants to play games with them, they don’t want to again? How come dogs are as excited as anything when they see their owners coming back?

In fact, cats are completely different from dogs. To make an analogy, dogs spend their whole life revolving around their owners, while cats spend their whole life letting their owners revolve around them. So, dogs are naturally excited to see their owners come home. Cats are different, if the owner is back, cats do not want to play with you, then how you tease them, they are indifferent; if they happen to want to think of a small game or hope that the owner to give some rewards, they will cooperate to complete your instructions.

Generally, cats will find things to do at home during the day, such as scratching the sofa or furniture to “get fit”, knocking over the water bottle on the table to satisfy their curiosity, and secretly opening the closed door to check whether they have learned the big trick of opening the door, etc. So even if the owner is not at home during the day, they will not be interested in playing with you. So even if the owner is not at home during the day, they will not be bored at all, but in this environment without other people’s interference, they may also find more better things to play.

When cats are tired of playing, they will also quietly lie down in their favorite place to bask in the sun or think about cat life. If there are other animals outside the window, they will be eager to see the outside world, but most of the time, they will be trapped in the house, and will cry out to the sky, “I was born at the wrong time, otherwise it would be a good sweat to go out”.



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