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With Wheels & handrails Weatherproof Chicken Coop

Item Code:W142782621
Main Color:Brown
Main Material:Solid Wood
Transportation:It take about 3-7 days to reach your address.
Assembled Length (in.):80.90
Assembled Width (in.):48.38
Assembled Height (in.):44.50
Weight (lbs.):101.20

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The stylish chicken coop comes with smooth wheels and handles, making it easy to move around your yard and creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for your chickens and add modernity to your backyard and house. This multi-level chicken coop can accommodate 4-7 small chickens at a time, depending on size and breed. The spacious interior ensures that the chicks/ducks/hens can comfortably sit on the second floor ,the front door can act as a ramp for poultry to easily enter the running area to play and relax. The coop has ventilation holes to maintain air flow, and the galvanized wire mesh prevents predators from entering. Easy to clean:Open waterproof asphalt roof, removable trays and open back door make cleaning easy. This deluxe chicken coop comes with a nesting box with an openable lid and a strong lock. The divider can be removed, and the space is spacious enough to accommodate 2 hens at the same time. The product is easy to install. There are 2 roosting bars inside and 1 roosting bars in the running area. Made of 100% natural cold fir wood (not other plywood), the environmentally friendly water-based coating and galvanized wire mesh structure are sturdy and can be used in any weather conditions.
Product information
BodyMeasurements:4.76”Lx 33.46”W x44.5”H
PartitionDoorOpening:11.02”W x 15.16”H
Perch Bar Height:5.3”H
Main Body RearDoor:12.6”W x 17.32”H
Main Body FrontDoor:12.6”W x 17”H
Top Cover Door :22.05”Lx32.3”W
Wire Cage:44.09”Lx32.28”W x31.89”H
Wire Gate Opening:19.7”Wx28.15”H
Product Clearance:7.87”H
Wheel Diameter: 5.9”
Suitable for Pets: 5-7 small chickens
Package Number:1


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