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Weatherproof PVC Roof Cat House With Door

 Item Code:W142791683
Transportation:It take about 3-7 days to reach your address.
Main Material:Solid Wood
Assembled Length (in.):30.70
Assembled Width (in.):22.50
Assembled Height (in.):29.30
Weight (lbs.):24.60

ExteriorMeasurements:27.6”Lx 20.5”W x27.8”H
BodyInterior Measurements:19”Lx 19”W x11”H
Upper Balcony Height:13.4”H
DoorOpening:6.3”Wx 6.9”
EscapeDoor:6.3”W x 5.5”H
ProductClearance:1.6”HSuitable for Pets:2-3 cats
Package Number:1
harsh sunlight, ensuring a dry and comfortable shelter for your feline friends. The front door is equipped with a plastic door curtain, which can keep the cat warmer in cold winter and be removed in summer.
Indoor Kitty Houses: This outdoor cat house is designed to provide a cozy and safe indoor environment for your cats, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors while staying protected.
It is made of 100% fir wood and is equipped with a weatherproof asphalt roof to withstand most weather conditions, like rain, snow, sun, and wind. Roof can be easily opened for airing or cleaning.Escape Door and Curtain: The outdoor cat houses for feral cats features an escape door and a curtain, allowing your cats to come and go as they please. The escape door provides an additional exit in case of emergencies, while the curtain offers privacy and helps keep the interior cozy and draft-free.
2-Story Design: With a 2-story design, this cat house outdoor provides multiple levels for your cats to explore and relax. The spacious layout allows for individual space and promotes a harmonious living environment for multi cats.



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