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Handmade Wool Cave Cat Bed

Item Code:W97982839
Product Type:General Item
Main Color:Orange
Main Material:Wool
Transportation:It take about 3-7 days to reach your address.
Assembled Length (in.):17.72
Assembled Width (in.):17.72
Assembled Height (in.):11.80
Weight (lbs.):1.87

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Original Design- Wool Cat Cave Bed with Cat Toys Product description:
1.Made of natural wool. Soft and comfortable, friendly to the environment.
2.Simulates the feeling of a cave, making your fur child feel safe and comfortable.
3.The pattern design is inspired by the color of the cat itself, which can be perfectly integrated with home decoration.
4.A mouse toy is included with the cat litter, which can make the kitten play happily.
5.easy access for cats. It can hold up to 15lbs, Suitable for kitties or medium cat(s).
6.When used as a cat bed, cats can lie, relax and play on the top, just like lying in their mother’s hug. When used as a cat cave, providing private space for your cat to hide, sleep and rest inside. suitable for all seasons.
7.Dry cleaning or hand washing is recommended.

ECO FRIENDLY: Our cat tent is 100% free from harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. Great for your cat, your family, and our world.
DUAL USE: Our felted wool cat cave provides a private personal space for your cat to hide, sleep and rest inside. But it also can be used as a cat bed to lay, relax and play on the top. Meowfia cat bed cave helps keep your kitty warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.
SLEEK DESIGN: Our cat cave house adds a special touch to your home environment and complements the appearance of the room. The natural color of the cat hideaway helps to effectively conceal the cat’s fur, dust, and debris.



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