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Folding Oxford Fabric Carrier Dog Crates

Item Code:W142781060
Product Type:General Item
Main Color:White+Blue
Main Material:oxford fabric
Assembled Length (in.):29.92
Assembled Width (in.):19.49
Assembled Height (in.):19.29

Our soft-sided dog and cat crate is safe and comfortable, making it perfect for travel, visiting family, or outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a high-quality home that provides optimal rest and protection for your pet, then our Soft Crate for Dogs and Cats is the perfect choice.

Soft Dog Crate Dimensions: Folding soft-sided in 2 sizes suitable for most dogs or cats. 30”L20”W20”H is suitable for medium to small dogs such as Beagles, while the 36”L23”W23”H is suitable for larger breeds like Rottweilers and Border Collies. Portable and lightweight soft dog crate make it easier for outdoor travel. All dimensions are measured manually, please allow deviation of 1 inch.

Foldable Strong Dog Crate: Oxford fabric and heavy-weight mesh, it boasts reliable sturdiness. The collapsible dog crate frame is make of strong steel tube; a well ventilated, stylish, lightweight and durable crate.Soft Dog Crate with pocket for storing treats, toys, and more.

Collapsible Dog Kennel: Three mesh entrances door (Top, front and side) for convenience sunlight and breathability; Ample Ventilation for Use in All Season. Easy carry with handle or strap. Adjustable strap included.

Easy To Install: Foldable soft dog kennel can easily install and fold. Collapsible Bars with retractable Springs make setup simple and storage efficient.

Note: Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around comfortably while in the crate. Measure from nose to base of tail when standing, and from top of head to floor. Add 4 inches to those measurements to confirm optimal crate height and length.


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