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Cactus Cat Scratching Post with Interactive Ball

Item Code:W79633965
Main Material:Particle Board
Product Dimensions:15.80’L×15.80’W×27.60’H
Weight (lbs.):2.70
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This is Cactus Cat Scratching Post with Interactive Ball.Cactus shape adds a pop of fun to any home, more stylish than most cat toys in the market.
Multi-functional scratcher: Your cats can stretch, paw, claw and climb comfortably and enjoy their own time when you did not accompany her/him.
DURABLE & STABLE BASE: The bottom of the scratching post is made of thick CARB-certified board, which provides reliability and stability of construction to allow your cats to stretch, paw, claw and climb confidently with total support. Covered by carpet-like material, the base is also enough comfortable and soft when your feline lies down or roll on it.
PROTECT YOUR HOME: Scratching and clawing are natural instincts of cats, then this cat scratching post is a must-have for leaving your kitten alone without damaging your furniture. It can help kitties maintain a healthy claw habits and satisfy their daily demand of scratching while leaving your sofa and tiles free of scratches.
EASY TO INSTALL: Designed to be simply assembled, you can finish this installation within a short time. Have it out of the box and screw all parts together ready for your cats to enjoy in minutes! Feel free to contact us if you have any problem with this product.

Product description
Unlike a traditional cat scratching post, our designer gives more elements to this 28-inch-tall cat scratcher so that it can offer more playing possibility to your kitten. Made with superior materials, this cat scratching post durable as well as comfortable for your lovely kitten to jump around and sharpen his nails. Cactus shape and natural sisal ropes covering scratching posts makes it just like a real tree. Your cats would like to scratch on it rather than on your furniture- because cats need to grind their claws with slightly more friction. The natural rope is completely harmless to the cat and stimulates the cat’s internal vitality. Besides, an interactive ball attached at the top of the post will attract cats and entice them to play, your feline may spend hours to play it. We believe it will match with your furniture well and bring you a bit of beautiful color in your house. Do not worry about your cats becoming too fat and this cat scratching post will be its indoor fitness club and keep him healthy at the same time. Without hesitation, add it to your cart and bring it home, your cats will love it at the first glance.
Product Size:15.8’’×15.8’’ ×27.6’’ (40×40×70cm);Weight:2.7lb(1.2kg)
Package Dimensions:17.4’’ ×8.7’’ ×5.8’’ (44×22×14.5cm);Weight: 7lb(2.2kg)


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