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Big Space Cat Climbing Rack

Item Code:W171194614
Main Color:Natural
Main Material:Solid Wood
Transportation:It take about 3-7 days to reach your address.
Assembled Length (in.):36.02
Assembled Width (in.):25.98
Assembled Height (in.):71.65
Weight (lbs.):52.91

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The cat house is 36.02 * 25.98 * 71.65 inches.,52.91pounds.With ample exercise and a private sleeping area, it is the perfect combination of safety and freedom, providing a perfect house for your cat. The cat house has a rustic appearance and spacious structure, Introducing our beautifully designed cat cage, perfect for cat lovers who need to focus on work or other tasks without being interrupted by their furry friends. Made primarily of wood, this cage measures 36 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 71 inches in height. The cage is enclosed by a layer of sturdy wire mesh, allowing for easy observation of your cat’s activities inside.
Inside the cage, your cat will have plenty of room to play and relax. There are two platforms for your cat to climb and jump on, providing endless entertainment. Additionally, there is a cozy sleeping area where your cat can rest and recharge.
We understand that your cat is an important member of your family, and we’ve designed this cage with their comfort and happiness in mind. Whether you’re working from home or simply need some time to yourself, this cat cage is the perfect solution for keeping your cat safe and entertained.
So why wait? Order your cat cage today and give your furry friend the gift of a comfortable and secure home.


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