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Automatic Electric Spinning Cat Toys

Item Code:W113472832
Product Type:General Item
Main Color:Blue
Main Material:Plastic
Transportation:It take about 3-7 days to reach your address. 
Assembled Length (in.):9.65
Assembled Width (in.):9.65
Assembled Height (in.):2.36

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Automatic Electric Spinning Cat Toys.This product allows all age groups of indoor cats to play. The toy will automatically switch off after 15 minutes play, owner should watch out the total time of playing in one day, to avoid pets with playing exhausted and get tired of the toy.
[RANDOM ROTATION] The interactive auto-spinning toy is designed for appealing cats, be able to satisfy the hunting instinct of cats, and to help spend excess energy. There are 3 different speed modes: fast, slow, and random. In he random mode, the toy will spin irregular and automatically shut off after 15 minutes. This automatic spinning toy is suitable for cats at all ages.Automatic-Electric-Spinning-Cat-Toys
[MULTIPLE CHOICES TO PLAY] The multi-choices of three toy parts allow you and your pet with many options of playing. This toy comes with 1 electrical flower shape box, 1 emulational mouse toy, 1 plush tail, and 1 ball with bells. You can choose which one or few of the toy parts to play within the box or solely.
[BELLS BALL] This interactive toy comes with an extra multifunctional ball which contains bells. The ball can be played inside the maze box toy or separately. The bells inside the ball could continually attract cats.

[EMULATIONAL MOUSE] The shape of the emulational mouse toy is designed to meet the appetite of cats. With the magnet inside the toy mouse, once switch on the mouse will move in irregular path, to attract cat’s attention.
[SAFE & UNIQUE DESIGN] The toy has a unique flower shape, with 9 interstices between 9 petals. The size of each interstice is well-designed to avoid cats being hurt. The main body of this toy is made of environment-friendly ABS materials which is safe and durable, it can protect the health of both human and animals. Your kitty could enjoy a cozy time.


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