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Cat Tree&Tunnel/

34 Inches Luxury Cat Tree with Double Condos

Item Code:W79640778

Product Type:General Item

Main Color:Gray

Main Material:Particle Board

Assembled Length (in.):18.90

Assembled Width (in.):17.30

Assembled Height (in.):35.00



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The 34 inches cat tree with doble condosn for dog and cat.
STURDY AND SAFE: Stability is always priority. The bottom base is strengthened that ensure its stability of the whole cat tree.

WIDEN AND SPACIOUS: The extra large top perch with raised rim offer maximum comfort for feline friend while they are lounging and looking out window They will definitely enjoy it!

COZY AND PRIVACY: The dual condos is covered with ultra soft plush and the enclosed design creating a sense of security provide them a quiet place to curl up for snoozing.

HEALTY AND FUN: Full wrapped with natural sisal,the scratching post will completely satisfy their instinct of scratching and help them maintaining a healthy habits of clawing!

REASONABLE AND DETACHABLE: Your little “tiger” are fascinated with the fuzzy ball. With the unique design, the dangling ball will be strong enough to be destroyed. What’s better,we provide the spare replacement

1. WONDERFUL RELEXATION SPOTS: Two private cozy apartments covered either felt or plush creating a sense of security that double as a hiding spot and a quiet place for better sleeping.

2. PERFECT BIRD VIEW HEIGHT: It’s 34″ high, with a large well paded perch on the top with thick raised rim that provide strong support for cats to lounge and enjoy the bird view outside the window

3. MeetCat’s Natural Instinct: Two fully wrapped scratching post covered with natural sisal could satisfy your cats’ natural urge to scratch while the ramp at the bottom base covered by different sisal mater provide different scratching experience.

4. VARIOUS FUN: It is equipped with a dangling fuzzy ball. your cat can experience the thrill of the hunt by stalking and batting that bring them hours and hours of fun.

5. PREMIUM QUALITY: The cat tree was covered by plush material that is soft for feline to touch when they play on it.

6. STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Well balanced design and the heavy base make it a safe free standing that is quite safe and sturdy for cats to play.

7.RATIONAL DESIGN: The top cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning and the hanging ball is detachable so that it could be replaced.

8. EASY ASSEMBLE: Step by step instruction included. Also you could find video help from Youtube.So keep you highnes content by simply Clicking Add to Cart!!!


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