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1-Layer Turntable Cat Ball Toy

Item Code:W97953774
Main Color:Natural Wood Wash
Main Material:Solid Wood
Transportation:It take about 3-7 days to reach your address.
Assembled Length (in.):21.40
Assembled Width (in.):16.00
Assembled Height (in.):14.30
Weight (lbs.):4.40

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This is 1-Layer Turntable Cat Ball Toy. The toy is with Feather Stick. This product is a combination of cat scratchers and cat toys. Compared to plastic toys, this cat toy is made of wood, which is sturdy and durable, will not fall over and shake,providing reliability and stability while kittens playing the balls.

This cat ball toy is designed with 1 level of tracks and 5 moving balls to attract kitty’s attention! there are 2 sisal balls on the top, which can stimulate the cat’s hunting desire, attracting cats to bat the ball, swat the ball.
Cat scratcher Pole is made of natural sisal to satisfy your cats’ natural instinct of climbing and scratching.there is a non-slip pad on the bottom, so it won’t scratch up your floors.
Feather toy with bells to keep your cat can hold it in your hand to tease the cat or use a suction cup to attach it to the floor.
This pet toy also comes with a sisal blanket that can be used for cats to sharpen their paws or lay on them.


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