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How many years old is a dog equivalent to a human?

I believe that many friends have heard such a rumor, that is, the dog’s one year is equivalent to the human seven years old, this statement has been circulating for a long time, many friends are convinced of this. Although, this method is also considered after a simple calculation of the conclusion, but in fact not very accurate, after a large number of statistics in zoologists, it was found that the dog’s age is now in fact there is an error in the statement, the following and we come to understand a little bit, in the end, the dog is equivalent to the age of how many years of age, I hope to help you to take a look at it.

1. how old is a year old equivalent to a human

How many years old is a dog equivalent to a human? In fact, now after rigorous statistics, zoologists have got a more reasonable method of calculating the age of the dog, and in which the study also found that the breed of smaller dogs, often life will be longer than the average dog. Before understanding the method of calculating the age of the dog, first we need to understand a concept, that is, the growth rate of the dog and the human is actually there is a difference, for the dog in the young time is often very fast growth rate, and then in the aging time but will reduce the speed, so this point also affects the calculation of the dog’s age of the accuracy of the problem.

2. Small dog breeds live longer

Depending on the size of the dog, the extreme life expectancy of the dog is in fact somewhat different, but from the general law, the life expectancy of small dogs is generally longer than that of large dogs. Many pet owners want to know clearly what the actual age of their dog is now in, in fact, for the average pet dog, in the year after birth has belonged to the state of full maturity, that is, the equivalent of human eighteen years of age or so, this time the dog can already reproduce the next generation. We can find that the newborn dog can still be held, but in a few months later the dog has grown very large, some dogs will sometimes be heavier than the owner.

3. Calculation of dog’s age

In fact, the dog is one year old equal to the human seven years old this algorithm is still biased, now there are a lot of dog age calculator on the network, in fact, can also help pet owners quickly understand the actual age of the dog. Generally speaking, when a dog is one year old, small and medium-sized breeds are equivalent to fifteen human years old, while large is fourteen years old, but at the back, the actual age of small breeds will gradually slow down, on the contrary, the actual age of large breeds will accelerate.



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