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Dogs eat too fast, how to make it slow down?

Dogs can’t stop eating good food. But eating too fast isn’t good for your dog. If the owner finds their dog has such behavior, can not ignore!

Watching their dog eat too fast, the owner thinks they may be hungry, and then feed the dog more food, but do you know why dogs eat fast?
1 Legacy Habits
The ancestors of dogs had a difficult life in the wild. They needed to hunt prey by themselves, and the competition for food was great. If they ate too slowly, they would be hungry, and they might be attacked by wolves while eating. In a wild environment, you may not know where the next meal is after eating this one, so you must eat quickly before your opponent steals your food. This habit has not changed until now.
2 Food Changes
If we want to eat meat in the wild, most of the meat needs to be separated from the bone, which will take a certain amount of time, but now as the family’s favorite pet, we feed the dog food directly, and do not need to tear the bone and meat. So it also exacerbates the dog’s “Wolf down” to some extent.

The dangers of dogs eating too fast
1 Cause gastrointestinal damage Dog eating too fast is easy to lead to food accumulation in the body, the stomach burden is increased, slow down the intestinal peristalsis speed. Causes various digestive diseases due to indigestion.
2 Easy to choke This is very common, fast eating dogs can easily choke on food, choke, and even suffocate in serious cases.
3 Easy to cause bloating if the dog eats too fast, the brain can’t respond to whether it is full, and it will keep eating, and so on, after the information is transmitted to the brain, it will feel very full. If the grain is puffed, it is easy to bulge after a while.
4 Too fat dogs eat too fast will lead to excessive eating, food intake will cause fat accumulation, weight will rise, and we all know that too fat will cause certain harm to the body.
5 Prone to gastroesophageal reflux Dogs eat too fast easily lead to acid reflux, swallowed food from the esophagus or stomach back to the mouth, which not only seriously damage the gastrointestinal health, in the long run, will also induce more diseases.

How to correct the dog to eat fast, then how to solve this problem?
Slow food bowl This method is the most direct, slow food bowl can effectively reduce the dog’s eating speed, there are many slow food bowls on the market, but also according to the dog’s body type and muzzle to choose, the purchase of slow food bowl is mainly to consider the size of the bowl, depth, material, non-slip effect and cleaning degree.

Leakage ball Leakage ball can not only help the dog slow down the eating speed, but also have a certain role in promoting intellectual development, but also can kill the boring time, consume a certain amount of energy, and make eating interesting.

After determining the amount of food for the dog, the amount of food can be divided into multiple times, which can force the dog not to eat too much in a certain period of time. And in the case of slow eating can be encouraged, let the TA know that the shovel officer likes such behavior, after repeated training to restore the amount of food before.
If you have time and patience, you can feed by hand. You can practice the learned password while eating, which can not only strengthen the training, but also enhance the relationship.



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